Thursday, 28 June 2012

First post! Bonjour :)

So this is my first post! Hullo, I'm Juliette and I live in Barnsley, Yorkshire. I'm 17 and pretty much your average teenage girl who loves all things cute and pretty. I am new to blogging but have been desperate to start for ages! I have found that in the last couple of years my love for all things fashion and make-up related has grown - so here goes! Be nice! ;)

I study A- Levels which actually are the bain of my life and I'm also a dancer. I'm hoping to study English/Journalism at uni and ideally work for a magazine company such as Glamour or Look. I love walking my dog, make-up, shopping, fashion, reading etc. I'm not the most photogenic of people in the world, so don't expect many selfies haha! Just thought that my first post would be a little 'getting to know me' introduction and the start of something that I hope you will all enjoy!

Love, Juliette xo

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