Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Glitter Mani!

Hello my lovelies, I'm sorry it has been a while - I've had such a busy week! But I reckon I have a lot more time on my hands now, and glittery nail polish come to think of it! I've been getting a little bored of silver glitters and I've been on the hunt for a gorgeous, gold glitter of various sizes and found the perfect one in H&M.

L-R H&M Nail Polish in Stay Golden, Barry M Nail Paint in Black, Avon Nail Experts Revitacool Base Coat, Rimmel Pro Super Wear Top Coat

I painted my nails on Saturday night and it's now Tuesday afternoon - this top coat really works. It's my first time of using it and so far I've had no chipping or peeling. Sounds like a winner to me! I used two coats of the Barry M Black and then layered the gold glitter on top - I didn't want the glitter to look too organised and neat. It almost feels quite Christmassy (am I allowed to say that?!). 

I also had to give my nails a well needed trim as they were starting to flake even though they were so nice and long! So I think they look quite weird being short but my nails grow quick so it's not a problem ha!

I hope you have a lovely day!

Love, Juliette xo


  1. Pretty! I love wearing black nail polish with glitter over the top! :) xo

  2. Of course you can say the CHRISTMAS word :-P haha! It looks like twinkly stars on your nails! Really cute!



  3. Your nails looks amazing, really love the glitter.

    Maddie xx


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