Sunday, 19 August 2012

Taking a break

Hello my lovelies! I've recently felt the need to give my hair and nails a well earned break. Because of constant nail polish and the inevitable build up of fake tan, my nails have had that yellow stain and were starting to become really weak and brittle. Even though I've been using my strengthening polishes, I thought that the best remedy was to let them breathe. 

I've also had several dancing competitions which we aren't allowed nail polish for and I've just finished decorating my room, so I didn't want paint on my nail polish. So all in all, I've had the perfect opportunities to just give them a rest.

I've found that they have become a lot stronger and I haven't noticed them peeling as much as they used to. They also look a lot whiter which makes me think they are a lot healthier. I think I'm going to give them a 'monthly break', maybe one week or so just to let them recover from the constant nail polish.

I have very fine and greasy prone hair which I find very difficult to do anything with. I always feel like a have to put in a lot of product and backcomb to even get it in a messy bun. And I know this sounds really disgusting, but I only brush my hair before I get in the shower. I find that brushing my hair makes it greasier quicker and it makes it look so thin and lifeless. 

So because of the back combing and the lack of brushing, I kept getting Bob Marley dreadlocks forming in my hair that when I tried to brush out, were so painful. So whilst I've had a week of painting, I brushed my hair thoroughly before getting in the shower (it made my scalp hurt in the process!), gave it a good conditioning, and then put no product in it and let it dry natually. Yes, it's been fine and thin and the only thing I can do with it is put it up in a ponytail, but it feels so silky and looks so shiny. It feels so much more  healthier and so many people have complemented on how much brighter and shiny it looks.

It's not the best photo as this was bed head hair but I'm so pleased with the results! and I'm definitely going to give my hair and nails a bit of TLC more often.

Love, Juliette xo


  1. Hey just thought id tell you i have nominated you for the Liebster Blog !

    love the blog xox

  2. Just stumbled across your blog and I love it! I have the same issue as you with my nails because I wear constant nail polish. How long did it take for them to regain health once you let them breathe? I just don't want to not wear nail polish because they look average though!

    Anyway looking forward to reading more :) you have a new follower!

    Just recently started my own blog-


    1. I found that they had improved about a week and a half later :) I was quite apprehensive too because I hate wearing no nail varnish but it was for the better :) xxxx


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