Tuesday, 25 September 2012

My make-up storage

Hello my dearies! I have been feeling very under the weather these past couple of days - sore throat, earache, blocked nose and a headache URGH! - so I thought I would do a nice appealing post of my make-up storage to not only cheer me up, but because it was requested a couple of times in my bedroom post. I don't have a huge amount of make-up in comparison to some people's collections (I'm a student, trust me I would happily have more!!!), but I have consolidated it all into two drawers and after much faffing about, swapping and changing boxes and seeing how many lipsticks I can fit into one small space, I have my storage completely sorted.

*ooh hi me!*

So I keep my make-up in the two big draws and I use boxes or lids as little dividers to seperate everything as I like it all to be organised and categorised. In one draw I keep all of my 'face' products: foundations, concealers, highlighters, powders, blushers and bronzers. Towards the back is where I keep my nail varnish removers, make-up tools, eyelashes and a back-up concealer. I also slot samples of products down the sides so they aren't sprawled over everything. The other draw contains eyeshadows, eyeliners, lip pencils, mascaras, lip products and lipsticks. At the back on the left, I keep my Sleek and MUA eyeshadow palettes and a broken Lancome palette (which is held together by elastic bands!). I keep my lip balms and my lip scrub at the back too, alongside miniture travel size Temple Spa toners and cleansers.

I still don't think I am happy with how I keep my lipsticks - it might just be a wise idea to stop buying more Juliette! It also bugs me how they are all different shapes, for example my MAC ones won't stand label side up unless they are tightly squished in. One of life's many problems I'm afraid haha!

Love, Juliette xo


  1. Your dressing table is so pretty and your floral wallpaper, ahhh! xo

  2. your dressing table is absolutely beautiful, and i love your make-up collection, they look so neat :) thanks alot for sharing <3

  3. Gorgeous dressing table! Love seeing posts like this, you have a fab makeup collection, jealous! xx


  4. I love your dressing table and wallpaper! You having some really lovely things, I think I have makeup collection envy! hehe;) I put my things in drawers too, I'm constantly rearranging it all though :) great post!


  5. Your dressing table is perfect! xo


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