Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A little haul of everything!

I have been  purchasing a lot of beauty goodies recently - all at a fair price must I say! My Avon order came and today I went into town with my dear friend Freya, and we put the world to rights whilst on a hunt for new lipsticks! I bought some other bits and bobs too - candles and a bracelet, but all of the make-up is where it's at!

After seeing Sleek's Rose Gold blusher on Beauty and le Chic's Instagram, I just new I had to snatch it up. Luckily for me it was the last one. I love the gold shimmer undertone - I've swatched it and it is such a pretty blush. Perfect for glowy, summer cheeks.

When I read the review for this lipstick on Laura's blog, again, I couldn't wait to get down to my nearest Boots to buy Barry M's Sunset (151). She compared it to MAC's Vegas Volt, and at the minute, I'm on a high-street only spend due to insufficient funds until payday! I tried this on earlier and I am in love! Could possibly be a new favourite - wearing it to work tomorrow!

I've seen these dotted over Instagram and several blogs, and it has caused me to see what all the commotion is about. I bought it in the shade 'Lovesick' and it is a deep, fuchsia pink. It is a lip stain and I thought that it may be very drying on the lips, but my lips still feel full of moisture and so far haven't started to dry out.

Another lip product! This was an unintentional purchase as I was only going to buy the above two, but for £1.99, I couldn't really resist. The shade is 'Pink Mallow' and is quite similar to MAC's Lovelorn which is one of my faves. However, this really needs building up to get the desired look.

I have really weak nails, that peel and snap and it is so annoying! So I thought I would try all of the cheap nail strengtheners to start with and then buy OPI's Nail Envy if needs be. I'm going to use this without nail polish on top to give it the best possible attempt. 

This was the contents of my Avon order: Planet Spa Hydrating Mask, Peeling and Brittleness Solver, lipstick in Pout, and 24k Gold Lipgloss in Gold. Pout lipstick is one of my favourites so this is a repeat purchase - a gorgeous, pinky nude shade that is a perfect everyday colour. The lipgloss was a freebie and to be honest, looking at the tube, I wasn't that thrilled - the colour. But you can't 'judge a book by it's cover' and well, my opinion has changed. It isn't as gold as it looks in the tube when on the lips and looks gorgeous over Pout, in the centre of the lips. 

So this was a little random haul of recent beauty buys that I'm so excited to trial throughout the upcoming weeks! Which is your favourite?

Hopefully, my E.l.f order will come soon (hmph hurry!!), so expect another haul post!

Love, Juliette xo

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