Sunday, 8 July 2012

VIVO Ultimate Brow and Eye Kit review!

I have heard quite a lot of good things about this product, so the other Friday, me and my mum popped down to our local Tesco to investigate the VIVO stand. For my eyebrows, I usually use a Clinique eyeshadow and a clear MUA mascara as a brow set. Least to say, the clear mascara didn't live up to the expectations of holding them in place all day long, but for only £1, there was nothing to lose. I have quite thick brows, and they only really need filling in towards the ends as they are lighter. 

This kit is classed as a 'Brow and Eye Kit' so is very multi-purpose as it can be used as eyeshadows too - it claims to 'add contour and definition to frame eyes perfectly for a professional look'. It comes with 3 matte shades: a pale sandy shade, a light brown and a dark brown. It also includes a brow gel and a small double-ended brush (which I have thrown away as they are always rubbish ha). 

I use the darkest shade to softly brush through my brows with my angled Sephora Brow Brush, concentrating mainly on the ends. I find that this colour matches my natural brow colour better than the middle colour which has an orange undertone, and left my brows looking slightly ginger at the ends! The brow gel forces all of the hairs into place and they honestly don't move! It leaves quite a hard finish, but I personally don't mind it as it means that they aren't going to move throughout the day, which they don't. 

For £5, you cannot go wrong with this product. I haven't used the shades as eyeshadows yet, as I prefer eyeshadows with a bit of shimmer so they aren't quite up my street!  I haven't felt the need to touch-up my brows or even check that they aren't unruly and wild because the gel sets them like concrete. I advise you to get down to your nearest Tesco's and buy this little secret weapon - you won't regret it!

Love, Juliette xo


  1. Lovely review and great blog! :)


  2. Thanks for the review, I haven't yet tried any of Tesco's make up.
    This looks like a great buy though.

    Lovely blog, now following! Maybe you could check out my blog too?

    Laura xx

    1. I have tried a couple of items from Tesco's make-up range, and so far I am very impressed! And thank you lovely!

  3. Actually love this brow and eye kit! Love you blog xx

  4. This looks great may need to buy this!
    Instagram - emsj7 x

  5. Oooh I've never seen this in Tesco, think I'm going to keep an eye out for it. great post, welcome to Blogger xx


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