Sunday, 1 July 2012

My 10 favourite nail polishes!

My nail polishes are my pride and joy - I am such a sucker for buying a new one every time I go shopping. I think (the last time I counted) I have 46 nail polishes but I'm sure the amount has increased since then! I love giving myself an hour or so to sit in front of the TV and paint my nails, and my choice of colour usually depends on the season, my mood or how pale/tanned I am at that moment in time... deep ha ha. But I have some favourites that I just can't help going back to, time and time again.

 L-R: 1. Barry M Peach Melba, 2. Topshop Barefoot, 3. Rimmel Disco Ball, 4. Essie Cute As A Button, 5. Barry M Pure Turquoise, 6. Revlon Demure, 7. Temple Spa Nail Truffle, 8. Ciaté Purple Sherbet, 9. Models Own Utopia, 10. Barry M Raspberry.

1. This is such a perfect summery colour, looks amazing with a tan. In my opinion, I think that Barry M are such a good quality brand at an affordable price and have every colour imaginable!
2. My lovely friend bought me this for my birthday and ever since then I haven't stopped wearing it. In the bottle it looks similar to my Models Own polish (9) but after 2 coats when it is on the nail, it's almost a pale nude which makes my chubby fingers look slimmer and longer.
3. I bought this at Christmas as it was the perfect excuse for glitter. I like to use it on my ring finger as an 'accent nail' or on top of a nude sheer coat just to add some sparkle to my nails.
4. I feel as though I haven't owned this polish long enough for it to be in my favourites, but I can see what all the hype is about. It's my first Essie polish and oh, well what more can I say? Perfect sized brush, gorgeous colour which is a cross between a pinky-coral and has a nice consistency on which to build on.
5. Gorgeous summer colour that goes hand in hand with a tan. I like painting my nails this colour when I'm wearing a simple, plain dress or a casual outfit.
6. I bought this in Dubai, so the packaging is a little different, but like Peach Melba, it is such a summer shade. My only downside to it is the consistency which was too thick and you had to work really quick when applying the polish before it left streaks - I put a drop of nail varnish remover in, shook it and it soon improved.
7. Temple Spa is mainly known for it's skincare products so I was surprised when I got this for Christmas. Unless I am seriously having problems with my eyesight, there isn't a colour name anywhere on the bottle but it mentions on the back  'with diamonds & rose quartz' which makes it sound so luxurious. It looks lovely with one coat, but the 'diamond' flecks stand out so much more when another coat is added. A beaut.
8. I got this nail polish with Marie Clare magazine and I wasn't thrilled on the colour choice as all of the deep pink ones had been sold (I reeeeaally wanted it). But I didn't want to judge a book by it's cover, and I found it to become a serious fave. It takes about 3 coats, but the brush provides a thin layer which dries in a nano second.
9. This is a lilac undertoned, cool based, whitey-nude. Ha! It's a beautiful colour that looks perfect on any skin tone and again elongates fingers!
10. I love wearing this colour in the winter as it is quite a deep red/wine colour and goes perfectly with an Autumn wardrobe. Need I say anymore!?

So those are just 10 of my nail polishes and when I'm really struggling what colour to paint my nails, I usually go for one of these as a 'fail-safe'! I hope you all have a lovely week and there should be another post tomorrow *crosses fingers* depending on whether my Zara order arrives!

Love, Juliette xo


  1. Pretty colors! Just started following you ! Check out my new blog and follow back if you would like :)

  2. Love the Ciate and Models Own! Lovely collection :) I'm addicted to nail polish as well, it's fun to be able to choose the shade that suits your mood or the weather. I haven't counted how many polishes I have in my collection but I'm sure it's around yours, or more :p

  3. cute nailpolish! come by and lets fllw each other if you love to do dear:))

  4. amazing colors :)
    I really love them all!!

  5. Just followed, you have a lovely blog :) I'm in love with Essie polishes, they last so long :) have you tried their Beach Bum Blue? It's so pretty!
    Jade xoxo

  6. Love all this polishes! I have Rimmel Disco Ball too and its just the best. Jazzes up any polish and makes it look great. Nice posts btw :)



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